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Term: 2 2024

Time/Days: 3.30 - 4.30pm (Mon - Friday)

Start Date: 29 April (9 Weeks)

Price: $270, $225 (members)

Ages: 5 - 10 years

The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (just 25% compression), making it a breeze for even the youngest players to hit comfortably. The courts and nets used in the Red stage are much smaller making it easier for kids to move around and enjoy success. Red level players may be beginners, improvers or even advanced players.

After mastering the Red stage, children move on to the Orange stage where the ball bounces a little higher (50% compression) and the court is a bit bigger. Orange players play over the regular net on a three quarter length court.


The ball used in the Green stage has a higher compression than the Red and Orange stages (75% of a yellow tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court.

Junior Academy


Term: 2 2024

Time/Days: 4.30-6pm (Mon - Fri)              

Start Date:  29 April (9 weeks)

Price:  $378, $333 members


A professional training environment that is tailored to their specific level.  Squads generally compete in interclub and tournaments, both locally and nationally. 

Includes fitness & matchplay. 



Term: 2 2024

Time/Days: 4.30 - 5.30pm (Mon - Thurs)

Start Date: 29 April (9 Weeks)

Price: $270, $225 (members)

Ages: 11 - 15 years

The second step in our development path for players who want to focus on advanced techniques or have come through the future stars programme.


The programme will be on more advanced stroke techniques, including topspin and slice,  movement and rally patterns, as well as point play. A great step towards matches and interclub.

BOOKING - Junior


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Carter Tennis at West End

Cnr Fife and West End Road, Westmere, Auckland

Nathan Carter

(+64) 02 1223 7117

Neil Carter

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